With the tremendous developments in the field of education and educational infrastructure, the Cardinal Warriors too have developed its infrastructural facilities to match the best standards. State-of-art equipments and buildings are set to augment the existing facilities. The School offers the best facilities with all the amenities made available to the cadets.

  1. Digital classrooms.

  2. Science, Maths and language labs.

  3. Auditorium.

  4. Internet enabled computer laboratory.

  5. Well stocked library,app based digital library.

  6. Tablets with wi-fi access.



CARDINAL has built up a well–stocked library containing over 3000 books related to different subjects such as books of fiction, reference books and books of general interest. Separate hours have been assigned in the time table for library work. Children are required to regularly supplement their class room learning by further reading. A separate class library has also been set up to utilize the time after the class task. Digital resources have been made available.


Tablet Based Learning

School with Josh and Hosh has well-equipped classes and Labs with Audio-Visual and smart classrooms educational tablets with per loaded content and career guidance modules for students. This makes learning easy and students are able to understand the concepts descriptively which furthermore promotes the learning curve.



Cardinal Warriors’ elaborate laboratory block includes separate labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computers and Mathematics. Children do extend academic work in the labs under the supervision of teachers. Students are provided with free open spaces and soft boards to display their learnings.



Hi–tech class rooms equipped with SMART Boards have been made available. Many teachers make excellent use of it and hold online classes. Smart class empowers teachers with technology right inside the classroom and helps them to teach their curriculum topics more effectively. The classrooms turn into lively learning platforms for students and the teachers can choose from a mix of teaching tools such as the traditional chalk and blackboard coupled with graphics, sound, animations, and videos.