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Cardinal Warriors - “School with Josh and Hosh” is a top school in Raipur which is focused on nurturing motivated and responsive students with our success oriented and dynamic approach education program. This program helps to empower the students to establish an indigeneous and a global perspective on different aspects. The main ideology to establish Cardinal Warriors School originated for students who are career oriented so as to serve the ideal residential educational institution. We focus not only on classroom based studies but we also follow our CODE PRINCIPLE i.e. Josh With Hosh.




The CODE PRINCIPLE of Cardinal Warriors is envisioned by our two main pillars -  :-

Major Pravin Singh who is an Army Veteran and believes in the concept of Josh, respect, dignity along with a military discipline among the youth.

Mr Santosh Ojha, who is a corporate Guru believes in the concept of Hosh by motivating and empowering the students to become better learners and professional leaders in academics so that they can change the world with their deep knowledge, critical thinking and creativity.

With our Josh concept, students will learn through military patterns along with sports and activities which are important in everyday life.

Hosh Concept will give a complete guidance in academics and career to students by following an active experiential learning in our modern classrooms.

➻ What If...

➻ What if the education of students is cultivated with self - respect and strong character?
➻ What if students learn not with the fear of tests and exams but with the interests in learning different subjects in school?

➻ What if students find failure as an opportunity to succeed in life?
➻ What if our children are able to achieve their dreams in life?

Our Core Principles

Self-Directed Learning

We will help each individual identify and formulate their learning patterns and goals under the proper guidance and support.



Students will be able to achieve their goals of life and earn badges through mastery in core skills.



From asking difficult questions to students through taking risks in daily discussions helps to identify and build a character in students. It includes kindness, honesty, responsibility, integrity and respect.



We focus on creating communities of students in school by allotting them projects, conducting socratic discussions and various wellness activities that will help a child to foster deep relations and new perspectives among young peers.



Cardinal Warriors’ Mission, Vision & Values »


Our main motive is to become the top school in Raipur and inspire and motivate each and every student who enters into Cardinal Warriors School and help them embark towards a journey of self - discovery so that they become leaders and national assets of our Nation.


Being a top military school in Raipur, Cardinal Warriors School encourages the development of mentally strong and college ready boys and girls who are ready to become responsible future leaders.

Cardinal Warriors Values »

Honour :- Cadets will be able to develop ethical and moral standards in their life.
Courage :- Cadets will face different hurdles and obstacles in their lives and learn to overcome new challenges everyday.
Commitment :-

What Makes Us Unique

Students will study in groups

Development of a character

Socratic Guiding and Learning

Study with the latest technologies

Learner driven community

Self - paced learning under complete guidance


Swami Radhe Krishna Academics Society

Cardinal warriors School is run and managed by Swami Radhe Krishna Academics Society