Top Boarding School in Raipur Preparing With Hosh


Teaching with Modern Technologies

Modern technologies and equipment these days has brought an immense change in teaching methods in the classroom. Teaching with new technologies is fun and interesting and one of the main advantages of it is that students will always be able to grasp things quickly and remember them for a longer period of time. Being the top boarding school in Raipur, we encourage students not to learn from the traditional method but to also study with tabs, laptops, computers and projectors to learn and get new experience everyday.


Project Based Learning

● PBL is a method of teaching young students on how to actively participate in projects that are allotted to them and get engaged in the real world. Under this, students are allotted certain projects which they have to finish by a certain period of time that involves solving a problem or answering difficult questions.


● The main advantage of project based learning is that it helps to widen the knowledge of students and helps in improving their creativity, personality and communication skills. It also helps in getting practical knowledge, critical knowledge and improves presentation skills. Cardinal Warriors School is a top boarding school in Raipur that teaches and guides young candidates through a project based learning in the classroom that will make them ready for their future.

Learning New Skills

In the 21st Century, it has become crucial for students to learn new skills everyday such as creativity, analytical, thinking abilities, communication skills, personality development and a complete overall physical and mental development. A child should be able to come up with a curiosity and questions in the classroom, it is known as participation and involvement. Cardinal Warriors School teaches a child in a way that will help him / her achieve the dream goal of their life.