Cardinal Warriors Private Military School

What problems does a Military School solve for parents ?

  1. Obese child is transformed into a fit cadet.
  2. Mobiles are replaced by educational tablets.
  3. Junk food is replaced by healthy diet.
  4. Video games are replaced by outdoor games.
  5. No extra coaching required for NDA/SSB/IIT/NEET.
  6. Secured educational insurance.
  7. Instead of following film and sports stars they themselves want to become a STAR in their field of choice.

Final call as seats are filling fast and very Limited seats are available now. You are requested block you seat by doing online registration by clicking on the link below

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Major Pravin Singh, Veteran Director, Cardinal Warriors Private Military School

Please Call 9229178456

Pathfinder in Private Military Schools in India

First Private Military School was started in Pre-Independence Era in 1935 by an Established Central Hindu Military Education Society to the Indianization of the Army (Indian Defence).

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Cardinal Warriors, Military School With Josh And Hosh

Cardinal warriors School is run and managed by Swami Radhe Krishna Academics Society

School with Josh and Hosh.

Career guidance and planning from school.

Sports, Character building is part of school curriculum