Cardinal Warriors Private Military School

Cardinal Warriors Junior

Cardinal Warriors Juniors is a preparatory school for Sainik / Military School. It is focused towards students who are career oriented NDA, CLAT,NEET, IIT guidance and foundation courses.

We are Co Ed day boarding Pvt Military pattern school with Josh aur Hosh.

Salient Features :-

1. Cadet Spends maximum time at school activities and not on other distractions like mobile, Internet, junk food etc.

2. We make them physically fit, mentally alert and morally straight.

3. This aim is achieved by Value education, participation in all games and sports to develop sportsman spirit with winner attitude as well humbleness to accept defeat graciously.

4. Fee finance facility is also available.

5. Adventure sports, educational tours, leadership training for making men and women out of boys and girls.

6. Making men and women out of boys and girls with leadership qualities.

7. Direct admissions (without entrance exam).

8. Weekend overnight camp at school on week ends for parents and students with adventure activities, horse riding, camping, star gazing, survival technique, navigation by star, shooting & military training.

9. Join our on demand recorded Career Guidance webinar on Armed forces by clicking on the link below Book Now by clicking on link

10. Cardinal Public School is now Cardinal Warriors Junior.

-Project based learning and career guidance starting at school as per latent personality traits analyzed through scientific psychometric tests.

-Be what you want to be and can be..

Cardinal Public School is now
Cardinal Warriors Junior.

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