Leadership club is a practical means to develop an independent positive attitude and to encourage in children a sense of rights and responsibility for their work and behaviour. It is a regular forum where pupils can express views on various issues.



With a view to handle growing consciousness and concern regarding Health,a comprehensive School Health Programme is promoted in the school through Health Clubs.



In house T.V. Channel is used to disseminate information and people get awareness on sensitive issues.



The school has a Public Address System installed. Through the PA system, students are trained to be Radio/Video Jockeys. On a rotation basis classes are given the responsibility of conducting radio shows in the leisure time. .



The school has a good collection of films and other audio-visual aids. These are used for teaching effectively. The School's Audio-Visual Hall is used for screening films. It is also used for holding lecture programmes, Inter-House competitions and other functions.



To enhance teaching learning process the classes have been converted into digi-classrooms. This enables immediate and permanent impact on the learners, making learning process convenient, easy and interesting.



Experiential Learning is part of holistic education promoted by Educational Boards. This method gives maximum exposure of the outside world to the students so that they imbibe Knowledge, Values and Etiquettes, Culture, to become human beings with broader spectrum which is the need of the times in a diversified country like India. Thus, to provide ample opportunities for learning, students of all classes are taken on Field Trips, Treks, Camps and Excursions to different places. Based on the performance of the students in such activities, marks/ grades are awarded and reflected in the Achievement Record.



Education today comprises competence, knowledge and skill. The school evolves time and again programmes to groom the global citizens of tomorrow, giving them the best in the field of education through the diligence of a dedicated team of teachers who work tirelessly to achieve this goal. At various stages the school provides Special Supplementary Classes in Comprehensive packages, conducted by the best faculty available in the country, supplementing the school curriculum, which includes study materials for in school and board exams and different competitive exams, Test Series for competitive exam etc. for the academic prospects of the students.



Adolescent Education Programme has been launched to handle problems related to adolescents with a view to help them cope with the challenges and stress of everyday life. Guest lecture from time to time to promote awareness.




The academic growth of the Cadets at Cardinal Warriors is substantially augmented with a wide range of sports and games embedded within the curriculum.The Schools have facility for pursuance of almost all sports and games. The Cadets are encouraged to actively participate in games and sports and specialized coaching is imparted by trained Retired Army personnel. The academic calendar of the school schedules a number of sporting events and competitions, to create in the cadets the required competitive edge. The Schools provide facilities for daily games in Football, Hockey, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Boxing and Athletics. Daily morning P.T. is compulsory for the Cadets. Co-curricular activities play an important part in the training imparted to the cadets. The schools provide an ample scope for the development of the students’ creative skills in fine arts and crafts. Varied activities of Photography, Dramatics, Art, Wood Work, Music, Debating, Elocution and Declamation are organised with the aim of helping cadets to make an intelligent use of their leisure time. Military Training is compulsory for all the cadets. In addition Scouting and Trekking are regular features of extracurricular activities. Cadets reside in Houses. The Houses are the intrinsic units of the schools but each house has its own motto and colour which gives each one of them a separate identity and house spirit. The Cadets are distributed equally in all houses. Half an hour in the morning is set apart for P.T./Yoga for which there are specialist teachers. These sessions which focus on the spiritual and health aspects help the students to improve their academic skills as well. Excellence in sports activities also gets enhanced due to Yoga techniques. Improved immunity and concentration accelerate the performance. These sessions are conducted by the experts in the morning as the first activity in order to have a positive and healthy beginning to of the day.

The activities involved in the Yoga sessions are:

a. Loosening Exercises i.e. Movements of all joints
b. Suryanamaskar i.e. salutation to god sun through yogic postures.
c. Yogasan i.e. Variety of yoga postures.
d. Pranayam i.e. breathing techniques.
e. Meditation i.e. Concentration enhancing techniques.
f. Tips on diet.
g.Life style improving tips.


The first period of our schedule is dedicated to sports for all the students. So that with free mind and body students can concentrate on academics.

Arts, Crafts & Pottery

At Cardinal, Arts and Crafts form part of the curriculum on par with other subjects. Timetable allots block periods for arts and crafts to ensure adequate time for related activities. Our Art & craft teacher educate children in drawing, painting, pottery, batik etc. Workshops led by experts in different art forms will be held every year. Students are encouraged to put up impressive exhibitions of their work as part of celebrations. At the Art Mela all the artifacts are sold out.


Music, Dance & Theatre

Training is imparted to interested children in Hindustani Music with the required accompanying instruments such as synthesizer, guitar, tabla and flute. Morning assemblies at Cardinal are mostly musical sessions filled with chanting and singing. Every Saturday during the assembly hour the students are seated in concentric circle and sing the songs taught by the teacher from school song book. Cardinal Warriors teaches different forms of dance. Children learn local folk dances with the help of external faculty and perform in full costume on festive occasions. Nukkad Natak (street theatre) performance and presentation in outdoor public spaces and indoors on a specific issue creating awareness in general people. In assemblies, theme based performances are done in a short span of time to explain the importance of any cause and its effect.



Our assembly is a creative forum for both–the teachers and students to participate and interact in a non–academic space. The non–academic activities include cultural activities like singing and chanting, performance oriented actions [public speaking, theatre, drama and skits], raising the curiosity quotient through public display science experiments etc. Assembly time is also devoted to special/significant days including festival days to bring about intercultural awareness and respect for all religions. Subject wise – week assemblies are also regularly held wherein, an entire week is devoted to a particular subject and ideally covers all aspects of the same.

This is done with an aim for holistic development of each child. The teachers and students share their experiences on various issues and these programs help children:

1. To build and develop their self–confidence and listeningskills
2. Increase their awareness about various issues and current affairs
3. To build public speaking skills
4. Enhance multiple thinking skills at various levels
5. Constant interaction with guest speakers
The assemblies are planned to ensure– More students and teachers participation.
We also take this space to remember and wish students & teachers on their birthdays.